Welcome to the NordGen Library

The NordGen Library is a unique place that collects literature on genetic resources of plants, forest, farm animals, and related areas. The collection comprises about 5,300 registered books, 1,800 seed catalogs and price lists as well as a magazine collection that consists of several thousand newspapers. The library has a historical value, for instance the oldest seed catalogs, and price lists are from the 1870s. The library is a source of knowledge not only for NordGen employees but also for researchers, students, various institutions, and private individuals from all over the Nordic region.

How to use the library

You can search the library collection in the public online catalog above. The library mostly collects reference literature that is not available for loan. The collection can only be used on site in Alnarp. If you want to visit the NordGen Library, you must make an appointment for this via e-mail. We prioritize the use of the library for research and educational purposes.

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